Warrior Cats is a series of fiction novels for children, which are published be HarperCollins and produced by Erin Hunter (Kate Cary, Tui Sutherland, Cherith Baldry and Victoria Holmes). The books usually pursue the speculations of four groups of wild cats, called Clans. There is ThunderCLan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. There is a long-lost Clan named, SkyClan. And their dead ancestor's are what they call "StarClan".

Other books have been released in addition the series as individuals for example, Crookedstar's Promise, Bluestar's Prophecy, SkyClan's Destiny, Firestar's Quest and the soon-to-be released Yellowfang's Secret. There are four field guides and even manga.

List of all Warrior's Novels.Edit


1. Into the Wild

2. Fire & Ice

3. Forest of Secrets

4. Rising Storm

5. A Dangerous Path

6. The Darkest Hour

Warriors: The New ProphecyEdit

1. Midnight

2. Moonrise

3. Dawn

4. Starlight

5. Twilight

6. Sunset

Warriors: Power of ThreeEdit

1. The Sight

2. Dark River

3. Outcast

4. Eclipse

5. Long Shadows

6. Sunrise

Warriors: Omen of the StarsEdit

1. The First Apprentice

2. Fading Echoes

3. Night Whispers

4. Sign of the Moon

5. The Forgotten Warrior

6. The Last Hope

Warriors: Super EditionsEdit

1. Bluestar's Prophecy

2. Firestar's Quest

3. SkyClan's Destiny

4. Crookedstar's Promise

5. Yellowfang's Secret (Not yet published)

(A/N: Pretty sure there is another one yet to be published.)

Warriors: GuidesEdit

1. Secrets of the Clans

2. Cat's of the Clans

3. Code of the Clans

4. Battles of the Clans

Warriors: MangaEdit

1. Rise of Scourge

2. The Lost Warrior

3. Warrior's Refuge

4. Warrior's Return

Ravenpaw's PathEdit

1. Shattered Peace

2. A Clan in Need

3. The Heart of a Warrior

Tigerstar & SashaEdit

1. Into the Woods

2. Escape From the Forest

3. Return to the Clans

SkyClan and the StrangerEdit

1. The Rescue