For all the information you need on Character Art, click here, WW Important Charart Information!! .

The Art

Now you should know at least the basics for Charart. If you don't well CLICK HERE THEN!

Here are the blanks. (They are not like Warriors wikia Blanks.)

Additional (IMPORTANT) Information

For now, there are no Long-haired, just Short-haired. For the gender differences, just put longer and thicker lashes for the females, and put shorter, stubbier ones for the males. Also, you'll see for the kittypet that he/she has no collar. If you are doing a kittypet, you must have a collar on it (You can design your own collar however you like!). Same thing with the medicine cat except that instead of a collar, it at least has to show that he/she is a medicine cat, like drawing a bundle of herbs in his/her mouth for example.


For Apprentice Tutorials, click on this. They teach you shading, highlighting, Tabbies (different types of Tabbies too!), Mottled Pelt, Tortoises-shell/Calico, Dual Colored, abnormal lineart, how to do ears and eyes, all about layers, which tools & programs to use and much much more! I suggest using GIMP2.

For the Tutorials, We'd Recommend:

Frostheart's Tutorial

Icethroat21's Tutorial

Insaneular's Tutorial (She explains ALL about layers, and how to use them!)

Night shine's Tutorial (recommended especially if your a beginner.)

Joining The CAP (CharArt Project) Crew?

If you'd like to make a request to join the CAP project, then place a request in the comment field below and one of the Sysops/Bureaucrats/Admins will be happy to add you in.

I'm going to give a special thanks to Mireille29 on deviantArt for the Lineart! She let me use them for this, go and check her art out!