Chatroom Rules

1. There will be absolutely NO offensive language in the Chat room. If any admins, or chat moderaters find that you are swearing, you will be automatically banned, permanent or temporary depending on the matter.

2. No disturbing behaviour within the Chatroom (Flooding/Spamming/Advertising). If so, you will be warned. You will get three warnings and if you are still disobeying those warnings you will be issued a temporary ban from the chat room for 24 hours.

3. Try to avoid discussing topics that may spoil anything for another user.

4. Keep the rating level at PG, no higher or you will recieve either a kickban or a ban, depending on the subject.

Requesting For Chat Moderatorship

If you desire to be a chat moderator, please ensure that you have had no bans or warnings in the last 3 months. You have to have made at least 3 contributions to this wiki and you have to be an active user for at least a week. If we find that are an unactive Chatmod, we willl remove your privilege.

If you meet all these requirements, please post this form (filled out), on my talk page. (You must include your signature.)


Reason why you want to become a Chatmod: