General Rules

Here are the most important rules and guidelines to this wiki. See to it that you follow them, or it may result in a serious punishement. If you do not obey these rules, you are to be banned temporarily or even permanently if you still exceed to disobey them after you have already been banned. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour from any of you users.

1. Be Respectful- Especially to those of a higher rank than you, like Sysops, Bureaucrat or Admin. But that does not mean that you do not have to give any other user respect.

2. Make a Few Contributions- It is highly recommended that you make at least a few contributions once in a while.

3. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER USER'S IMAGE, UNLESS YOU HAVE THEIR PERMISSION (Or you include the link along with the image)- As it will result in a ban. If you exceed in breaking this rule, it is therefore considered stealing. Also, do not post any images that have aboslutely nothing to do with this wiki, for they will be deleted as soon as discovered.

(P.S. Please see chat policy.)